Medical Conditions

All travellers should note that pre-existing medical conditions are NOT automatically covered by travel insurance. There is no cover for any claims arising from, related to or associated with pre-existing medical conditions unless the traveller has applied for a medical assessment and received express approval for cover of the condition from the insurer prior to the policy being booked.

Please refer to product disclosure statement pages 9-12 for the following:

  • the policy definition of pre-existing medical condition and full terms & conditions
  • the list of pre-existing medical conditions that are automatically covered with no additional premium provided that you have not been hospitalised (including day surgery or emergency department attendence) for that condition in the 18 months prior to the date the policy is purchased
  • the list of pre-existing medical conditions that are automatically excluded and you cannot apply for cover for

Medical assessments are now completed over the phone. If you would like to arrange a medical assessment with the 25% premium discount available through North Travel Insurance, it is necessary to first obtain a quote from our office. Please submit the below form providing your travel dates, destination(s) and age. We will then provide a quote for the trip, and further information on completing the medical assessment over the phone with the CHI medical team.

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