Non Resident Travel Insurance

Non resident visitors to Australia are able to arrange travel insurance for their trip through one of the two non resident policies available through CHI and North. Both policies are available to travellers under 81, and provide non resident travel insurance for visitors to Australia. Policies are not available if the period travelling overseas exceeds the period travelling within Australia.

  • Select from Top Cover and Basic Cover
    Select from the CHI Plan E Non-Residents Policy and the new CHI Basic Non-Residents Policy with reduced levels of cover. Compare levels of cover
  • Travel to and within Australia
    Travel Insurance for non residents travelling to Australia for a holiday or to visit relatives. Provides cover while in Australia, and while travelling to Australia and back home.
  • Available to travellers aged under 81
    Available to non residents of Australia aged under 81 years on the date the Certificate of Insurance is issued.
  • Unlimited cover for emergency medical
    Policies include unlimited cover for medical and hospital expenses if you become sick or injured during the trip, and unlimited cover for medical evacuation to get you back to your home country.
  • Book before or after arrival in Australia
    Policies can be purchased either before or after arriving in Australia. When purchased after arriving in Australia, a 48 hour waiting period will apply to claims relating to any injury or sickness.
  • Must spend majority of the trip in Australia
    Non resident travel insurance is only available where the majority of the total trip will be spent in Australia.
  • Remove the excess for just $35
    Standard excess of $150 per claim event can be reduced to a nil excess on all claims by paying an additional premium of $35.
  • Available online with a 25% discount
    Book online using the following link to receive an automatic 25% discount on the premium.
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